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Whether due to space constraints, a lack of time to prepare, or simply being overwhelmed, Shelter Movers clients can be forced to leave belongings behind, further complicating an already stressful situation.

That’s where storage company partners can make such a difference. Pockit Self Storage, a new Shelter Movers Vancouver (SMV) partner, donates storage units for SMV clients, giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their belongings are safe. “When clients can store their belongings, it means one less thing to worry about while they search for stable housing,” explains Stephanie Ling, SMV’s Operations Manager. “Our storage partners are instrumental in helping our clients transition to a life free of violence.”

Pockit Self Storage opened their Vancouver location in 2022 and currently has seven locations in BC, Alberta and Manitoba. In addition to SMV, Pockit supports a diverse group of charities within the local markets where the company operates. “We realize that every community has their own challenges and we're just happy to lend support where possible, “ Lowe says. Pockit’s partners include animal shelters, food banks and youth programs. “We’re passionate about establishing ourselves as a leader in the communities that we serve,” notes Pockit co-founder and president, Marcus Lowe, “and giving back to our communities through working with organizations such as Shelter Movers directly aligns with our core values.”

Recognizing the need for survivors of abuse to access storage space, Pockit wanted to help and the partnership with SMV gave the company the chance to provide a service by donating a number of storage units. “We take pride in the fact that we know that we have the ability to help Shelter Movers execute difficult moves and provide a safe and secure place to store the belongings of those women and children impacted,” says Lowe.

It can be challenging for businesses to figure out how to set up a partnership with a non-profit or charitable organization so Shelter Movers asked Lowe and Drummond for their suggestions:

  1. Talk to the staff at the location where the partnership will be based. “You’d be surprised how many people start talking and the next thing you know people that you wouldn’t think have similar views are championing the same cause,” says Drummond.

  2. Next, it’s a matter of figuring out which organizations resonate with both employees’ core values as well as the companies as a whole.  “You want to create a relationship that is not just a business relationship, but one with an actual human component,” Drummond advises. Both Drummond and Lowe emphasize the importance of including all of your staff [not just the staff at the local level] when making the partnership decision. “Any time we enter any type of these partnerships, it’s a team vote,” says Lowe.

  3. Don’t rush the process with strict deadlines because then it lacks a certain amount of genuine effort.

“We like to say that we’re not just in the business of renting space - we’re providing peace of mind - in this case for Shelter Movers clients - that their belongings are safe and secure while they resettle and relocate”, says Drummond.

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