Packing & Moving Supplies

Having the right packing supplies on hand is an important step when preparing for a move and storage. Packing requires careful planning and organization - and usually a few more boxes than you may think! That’s why Pockit Self Storage makes it easy to gather the supplies you need. Our team is available to help make your move as smooth as possible, regardless of your moving situation.

* Please note that certain items may not be available at all locations; prices are subject to change without notice.

Whether you’re moving and packing heavier items such as books, dishware, electronics or lighter yet bulkier items like linen, pillows, and stuffed toys, we offer a wide variety of high quality moving and specialty boxes to accommodate your needs. Our moving boxes come in a wide range of sizes from your standard small, medium and larger boxes to stand-up wardrobe, mirror, and flat screen TV boxes as well. Our staff are well trained to guide you in determining which boxes are right for the job. Be sure to inquire about our bulk discount offers and hassle free return policies.

Pockit Self Storage small moving box
Pockit Small Box 1.5 Cube 16 3/8"x12 5/8"x12 5/8"

Our small boxes are great for heavy and fragile items such as dishes, glasses, small pictures, and other similar objects. They are also great for smaller household items such as books, tools, sheet sets, kitchen utensils and small appliances.

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Pockit Self Storage medium moving box
Pockit Medium Box 2.0 Cube 18 1/4"x15 3/4"x12 3/4"

Our medium sized boxes are ideal for slightly larger and lighter items, such as kitchen cookware, decorative accessories, toys, craft supplies, office items, smaller electronics and more.

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Pockit Self Storage large moving box
Pockit Large Box 4.0 Cube 18"x18"x21"

Our large boxes are perfect for lightweight household items like lampshades, stereo speakers, board games, stuffed animals, pillows, and clothing. They are also great for oddly-shaped items such as computers, monitors, large toys or plastic containers.

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Extra large moving box
Extra Large Box 6.0 Cube 20"x20"x26"

Our extra-large box is ideal for large and bulky lightweight items like comforters, oversized pillows, towels, linens, seasonal clothing, and stuffed animals.

Buy a bundle and save 10% (Qty 10)
Wardrobe box
Compact Large Stand-Up Wardrobe Box 42" Compact Wardrobe

Our large stand-up wardrobe boxes are perfect for clothing such as suits, dresses, jackets, pants, blouses, etc. They come equipped with a metal hanging bar and have convenient handles to make light work of lifting and carrying. Take your clothes right out of your closet and store them without even having to take them off the hanger.

File box
File Box with Lid 15”x12”x10”

Our file boxes are ideal for storing personal or business records and are designed to accommodate hanging tabs for standard sized folders.

Small and large mirror/picture boxes
Small & Large Mirror Boxes 37"x4"x26"/ 48"x4 1/2"x33"

Our durable small mirror boxes keeps your mirrors, framed artwork, medium sized pictures or paintings protected while in storage or being moved.

Flat screen tv box for moving
TV Moving Boxes (select sizes) 52" 46"x8"x30" / 75" 64"x8"x40"

Protect your TV while it is being stored or moved. These sturdy, heavy-duty cardboard boxes withstand rough handling and have full-overlap flaps on the top and bottom to add extra support.

Take the added step to protect your items by only using high quality disc, cylinder or laminated padlocks when securing your unit. We only offer tested and proven best in class industry locks that have features such as anti-pick, brass cylinders, and steel bodies with rust or corrosion protection. Let us help you decide what lock is best suited for your storage unit.

Chateau disc lock
Chateau Disc Lock C-970

This all weather lock will be sure to keep all your belongings safe. This 2 3/4" steel disc, rust free, anti-pick, and anti-cut lock is a 6 pin tumbler and comes with 3 keys.

Chateau E Z Lock
Chateau EZ Lock C-480

This short milled cylinder lock is compatible with Bezel type latches and provides precise security for the items being stored. Front loaded for maximum security, solid brass mechanism with high security, anti-pick pins, and protects against rust or corrosion.

Chateau padlock
Chateau Padlock Lock C-750

This high quality 2" padlock offers heal and toe double-locking system, anti-pick 5 pin brass cylinder, and a heavy laminated steel body which is chrome-plated for maximum protection against rust or corrosion.

Be sure to protect your valuables by utilizing items like bubble or stretch wrap when packing and moving. Bubble packaging creates a protective layer between fragile glass, pictures, electronics or small appliances. Using stretch wrap is a great way to secure dresser drawers and provide added protection to furniture surfaces or oddly shaped items like lampshades. For really large items, we recommend checking out our quilted heavy duty moving blankets. Mattress and furniture covers are also a must-have to keep them clean from dirt and dust and provide protection against mold and mildew. Lastly, don’t forget to use quality packing tape to seal boxes and maximize their strength while being moved or stored. Our storerooms are well stocked and our friendly staff are readily available to help you select the protective packing supplies you may require.

Moving blanket
Moving Blankets 72"x80" (4lbs)

These heavy duty moving blankets help protect your furniture from scuff marks and scratches when moving. The stitched padding provides consistent cushioning and helps absorb shock. Can also be used as a picnic or dog blanket, and more.

Mattress covers, all sizes
Mattress Covers (King, Queen, Full, Twin)

Our mattress covers are designed to provide protection from dust, dirt, pests, mildew and moisture while being stored or moved. We have a large variety of mattress covers to fit your needs.

Furniture covers
Furniture Covers (Sofa, Chair)

Our furniture covers are designed to provide protection from dust, dirt, pests, mildew and moisture while being stored or moved. We have a large variety of furniture covers to fit your needs.

Packing kit for dish set
Dish Packing Kit

Our dish packing kits make packing dishware quick and easy and are designed to fit our Pockit Small Box 1.5 Cube. They include foam pouches to fit 6 plates, 6 saucers, 6 bowls and 6 salad plates. Keep your favourite dishes separated to prevent breakage.

Packing kit for glass set
Glass Packing Kit

Our glass packing kits help protect your valuable glassware, crystal, stemware and other fragile glass items. They are designed to fit into our Pockit Small Box 1.5 Cube and include 12 foam pouches to prevent breakage.

10LBS wrapping paper for moving and packing
Packing Paper

This 10LB box of heavyweight white paper sheets is perfect for packing fragile items. Avoid the hassle of packing with standard newsprint where the ink makes a mess of the items being stored. This clean inkless wrapping paper will provide quick and easy protection.

12inch bubble wrap
12" Bubble Wrap (select sizes) 3/16"x12"x30' / 3/16”x12”x100’

This 3/16" thick bubble is perfect for all your moving needs. It will to provide enough protection for all your valuables for your next move.

24inch bubble wrap
24" Bubble Wrap 5/16"x24"x10'

These 1/2" thick large bubble sheets are easy to tear and will add protection to the items that you value the most. Perfect for providing added protection and cushioning when packing electronics, stereo equipment, small appliances and more.

12inch foam wrap
12" Foam Wrap 1/8"12"x40'

This 1/8" foam is perfect for all your moving needs. Excellent for cushioning all of your fragile objects.

Roll of stretch wrap for packing and moving
Easy Roll Stretch Wrap with Handle 5"x1000'x80 gauge

Perfect for securing furniture doors and drawers while moving. The easy to use handle makes it easy to secure your furniture before the movers pick them up.

Stretch wrap for packing and moving
Stretch Wrap 13"x1500'

Perfect for wrapping larger objects like desks, file cabinets, dressers, bed frames and other large furniture items. Ideal for commercial applications as well for wrapping pallets, boxes, and more.

Tape gun with roll of tape
Pistol Grip Tape Gun

This Pistol Grip box sealing tape dispenser provides easy application with a comfortable grip. Make your job of taping boxes or other items more efficient and easier on your hand.

Tape for packing and moving
Tape Supplies 48mm x100m

We have high quality packing tape to get the job done and ensure your items stay sealed and contained. Seals on average between 18-26 boxes.

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