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First Month for Only $1.00!

First Month for Only $1.00 on all Large Unit Inventory (10x15 or greater), subject to change based on unit availability. Applicable taxes, insurance and administration fees are not included. We also offer great web only specials, so check out our location inventory and secure your discounted unit online today!

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Should you see a comparable unit with our local neighboring facilities for a better rate, we will Price Match! This is valid for all new unit rentals only, and is subject to change based on unit availability.

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We Love Referrals! Introduce us to someone who is also interested in using our facility and receive $100 towards your next month's rent.

Looking for vehicle storage? Parking stalls for RVs, boats, and other seasonal vehicles are available at this location.

Please give us a call at (431) 301-4388 for pricing and reservation inquiries.

What this place offers?

Pockit Self Storage Selkirk, Manitoba

This 621 Sophia Street facility is a one-story, 17,097 sq. ft., highly secure and fully gated self-storage compound consisting of approximately 200 indoor and outdoor drive-up units and offers a variety of sizes suitable for all your short or long term personal and business storage needs.

Conveniently located in Selkirk, between Greenwood Avenue and Young Avenue on Sophia Street, directly across from Speedy Glass Selkirk.   

Our many customer’ focused features cater to the specific requirements of our tenants, providing them with the comfort of knowing they made the right choice.

We will provide you the total customer experience at all touchpoints. Come visit us today and let us show you how storage is done right.  

Pockit Self Storage, the home of “Quality Spaces in Convenient Places”.

Why You Need a Self-Storage Unit in Selkirk, Manitoba

There are certain times in your life when you just don't have room to keep all of the things you've collected during your journey. That doesn't mean you should have to haul them to the dump or give them away. What's the answer? Take a look at the eight times in your life when you really need a self-storage unit in Selkirk, Manitoba.

When You Move for a New Career Opportunity

Some of the best career stories start with a move across the country. You may have just accepted a position in a new city and you're wondering what that means for your stuff. You may not have the time, money or energy to ship everything you own to a new city just as you're gearing up to start a new job. Do you host a big tag sale and get rid of everything? Not so fast! This is one of those times when you should get a self-storage unit and safely store all of your things before you leave for the new city. All of the furniture and memories you love can be preserved securely until you figure out if you want to ship them to your new home. Don't forget that moves aren't always permanent. You might really thank yourself in the future if you decide to return back home and everything you own is already ready and waiting.

When You Take a Long Holiday

Are you about to do something bold like take a year off from work and travel the world? You are going to need a self-storage unit if you'll be heading out for an extended period of time. Having a storage unit will be very helpful if you're clearing out of your home or apartment in order to take this journey. However, a storage unit can even be helpful if you're not planning to sell your home or cancel your lease. That's because your unit will provide a locked, weatherproof place to store some of your valuable or sensitive possessions.

When You Take a Temporary Work Assignment

Being offered a temporary work assignment in an exciting part of the world makes it possible to enjoy an amazing experience. Of course, you'll need to figure out what to do with your stuff while you're gone. A self-storage unit offers a fast, easy solution for securing all your belongings and getting on the road to your new work assignment.

When You Need to Sell a Home

The process of selling your home or selling the home of a loved one after they've passed away definitely takes work and planning. The truth is that it can be hard to sell a cluttered home that is full of someone's keepsakes. You may want to clear out most of the furniture, clothing and photos that are on display in a home before you put it on the market. Buyers will be attracted to a clean, airy home. A self-storage unit offers the perfect solution for safely putting everything out of sight until you can figure out what you want to do with it all.

During a Transition

Sometimes the joy of buying or building a new home can come with some complicated details that need to be worked out. What do you do if you've sold your home before your new home is ready? Most people simply choose to stay in a short-term apartment or stay with family members. However, those options don't really leave a lot of room for all of the furniture that you'll need to take with you. That's when a self-storage unit can come to the rescue. You and your family can simply store all possessions safely and enjoy light living in your temporary home. It will all be waiting for you when that exciting day comes when it's time to move into your new home. A storage unit is a real stress buster during a period that often involves tons of moving parts.

Following a Fire, Flood or Natural Disaster

There can be a rush to find a place to safely keep your belongings after your home has been destroyed by a catastrophic event. A self-storage unit can be extremely beneficial during a time like this. You can use a unit to store the things that weren't destroyed until you have time to sort through them.

When You Have to Move Quickly

Sometimes a breakup or major life change means we have to move quickly. Why leave things behind or try to get rid of them? You can use a storage unit to keep your things safe when you have big changes happening.

When You Simply Don't Have Room

Sometimes you just need a long-term storage spot for the things that don't belong in your home, garage or attic. Why worry that things could become lost or damaged just because your home isn't equipped to store a lot of things? A self-storage unit allows you to stay in control regarding how your things are stored without having to make room for those things. A self-storage unit can offer better conditions for preserving your belongings than most homes can.

Finding the Perfect Self-Storage Unit for Any Reason

It doesn't matter why you need a self-storage unit. What matters is that you can find a safe, clean and modern unit of your own right here in Selkirk, Manitoba. Pockit Self Storage offers the following features for our customers:

Discover a solution that can give you peace of mind as you navigate a new stage in life or manage a big transition. Reach out to Pockit Self Storage online today or simply give us a call at 431-301-4388. We're here to offer safe, dependable and state-of-the-art self-storage solutions right here in Selkirk, Manitoba.

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