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Self-Storage Units in Sherwood Park, Alberta

Our lives don't always have the space for all the things that make up our lives. Big life changes or moves often mean that it's time to pack up and head to someplace new. We may be back one day. However, we may simply be heading to one new home in a long line of many to come. That's why having a safe place to store your belongings while you make a new journey or transition can be a real game changer that offers peace of mind. Here are the main things people need to focus on when looking for a way to store their furniture and other belongings:

Are you looking for a way to store your belongings that checks all these boxes? It's not just about finding a space that's big enough to hold your items. There is so much more to consider! Check out a guide to findings ways to store your belongings.

Don't Stick Your Belongings in Someone's Garage or Attic

You may have a helpful friend or family member who is more than willing to let you stick some boxes in their garage, basement or attic. This might even look like a tempting option because it is free. However, you're probably signing yourself up for a big headache when you take this approach. That's because a lot can go wrong. Things like excess moisture, leaks, mold and other issues that commonly occur in homes can wreck your belongings. A flood or fire can also destroy the things you love. What's more, the person who is holding your belongings may not even realize that things have been damaged or destroyed until it's too late. What if the person who is holding your stuff needs to move? That could put you in an impossible position if you're too far away to return to collect your stuff. You also won't have control over who could potentially be rummaging through your belongings or stealing things when they are stored in someone else's home. The fact of the matter is that you could be setting yourself up for an awkward conversation with a friend or family member if something that belongs to you is damaged or goes missing. In addition, there's always a chance that your relationship with someone could turn sour if they grow tired of keeping your things in their house. Don't risk losing a friend or having an awkward conversation at the next family reunion. The final verdict is that it's just a bad idea all around.

Don't Get Rid of Things You Love Just Because You Don't Have Room Right Now

You may have decided that getting rid of your possessions is the only way to go if you need to relocate quickly or you're moving to a place that just doesn't have space for all of your stuff. Tossing away things that are important to you just because your life can't accommodate them at the moment is shortsighted. There's a very good chance that you will be in a position again one day to store all your belongings in your home. You will really be kicking yourself when you think back to all the valuable items and precious memories you tossed away simply because you didn't feel like you had a way to store them in the moment. What's more, the cost of replacing furnishings for an entire home can be pretty steep. Selling your furniture piece by piece as a way to try to recoup some of the losses can be tough. You won't get anywhere near what you paid for your furniture. What's more, you may not have time to try to organize a yard sale or connect with picky buyers online. You will thank yourself when you can simply reuse your existing furniture instead of having to make another investment to furnish your future home.

Consider Getting a Self-Storage Unit

Do you want to be in control of what happens to your possessions even when your eyes aren’t directly on all of it? You shouldn't have to constantly be worried that theft or the elements could take away or destroy the things that are important to you. What's more, you shouldn't have to get rid of items you've spent years collecting and taking care of just because your living space doesn't accommodate all of it right now. What do people do when they need to store personal belongings like furniture, clothing, art, keepsakes and more? Many people use self-storage units that provide them with the amount of space they need to safely store their belongings. A storage unit can be utilized on a long-term basis or a short-term basis. You aren't just getting a space that locks when you rent a self-storage unit. You're getting safety and security! That's because a respected storage provider like Pockit Self Storage here in Sherwood Park provides features like video surveillance, individually alarmed units and electronically controlled access. Your belongings can stay in mint condition regardless of the weather outside with help from indoor units that feature climate-control technology.

Discover a Perfect Solution for Storing Your Belongings

Get the peace of mind you want when you store your belongings with Pockit Self Storage in Sherwood Park, Alberta. You never have to feel separated from your belongings just because you're storing them away from home. Our clean, modern facility offers 24-hour access. That means you can come and go as you please. We have friendly staff members present to provide help if needed. What's more, we provide after-hours security response to ensure the protection of your storage unit. We also offer a drive-in loading bay and supplies for packing and moving.

We offer a variety of different unit sizes here at Pockit Self Storage in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Our units are ideal for storing kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture and whatever miscellaneous items you need to keep safely stored. Contact us online today or call 587-803-5999 to find out more and get started!

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2 month’s rent at 50% off the regular rental rate, subject to change based on unit availability. Applicable taxes, insurance and administration fees are not included. We also offer great web only specials, so check out our location inventory and secure your discounted unit online today!

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