“KidSafe is my favourite part of the day! Everything is awesome here!” - KidSafe kid, 2022 

Since 1993, KidSafe have been supporting children in need. Their mission is to provide a nurturing, caring environment for children who need it most. For nearly three decades, they have been filling the critical gap that exists in care when schools are closed. Their vision is a city where all children and youth feel seen, heard, and have a place to thrive.

KidSafe reaches 300+ children at 7 sites across Vancouver. The reality for many children in Vancouver is that school breaks are a time of heightened uncertainty. KidSafe operates during winter, spring, and summer breaks, and after school, providing children facing adversity access to a safe space, food security (nutritious meals and unlimited snacks), educational programming, field trips, and more!

KidSafe’s three core philosophies are trauma-informed practice, place-based learning, and universal design for learning. Their programs foster a space where children in need can play, learn, eat, and just be kids when school is not in session.

Pockit Self Storage values supporting the enrichment of youth within the communities we operate and takes pride in aligning with organizations such as KidSafe to provide unit rentals for them to store their belongings or items required to run fundraising events. We appreciate their mission and everything they do in the Greater Vancouver area. Their impact makes for a better society for the foreseeable future. Thank you KidSafe!

When schools close, Kidsafe opens - KidSafe Vancouver 

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